The View of the blue waters placed against the rugged Sahyadri mountains creates a calm in ones heart, found only in such untouched terrains.

Let the panorama work its magic on your senses make you stop and wonder about natures Captivating presence! Adore this hamlet which- is painstakingly designed by the architect with a focus on nature and rustic looks. The intricate details would marvel those with a keen interest in the concept of integrity and harmony. The feeling of being home is instantaneous when one enters the premises and more so when in the rooms / cottages. While being spacious, the resort offers the comfort and hospitality of a high standard.

The changing colors of the horizon at different hours are simply amazing ! It is a great place to relax, unwind and to ultimately rejoice in the lap of nature.

The skilled chef is ever ready to please your taste buds with his culinary skills in the welcoming surroundings. Relish the mouth weltering specialty cuisines which will linger not only on the tongue but also on the mind for a long time.

Come give yourselves the best and be pampered at a mountain resort called Malhar Machi.